Your journey in Cybersecurity, simplified!

Whether you are trying to figure out if cybersecurity is a path you want to take in your life, or a security professional looking to brush up some old knowledge, or someone just curious how the web works underneath the hood, pre-security course from tryhackme might be just the right course for you.

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So what is tryhackme?

The website is a structured collection of learning paths which contain materials for all levels of security professionals/ aspirant hackers. When it comes to aspirant hackers and security researchers, there are a lot of resources out there that try to teach you security fundamentals through different approaches. Tryhackme takes the approach of ctf(Capture the flag) to teach you the very fundamentals in a fun, walkthrough-like adventure.

Coming to the pre-security course, the learning path contains 5 rooms, and all of them cover the very basic concept of each of the titles. The different rooms in the learning path cover different topics which consolidate afterwards into a full grown understanding of the cybersecurity world. For anyone who thinks the world of cybersecurity is daunting and vague, this is a fun packed adventure to learn the basics and get his/her/their path of cybersecurity laid out for themselves. The rooms that are covered in the path are listed as follows:

  1. Cyber security introduction
  2. Network Fundamentals
  3. How the web works
  4. Linux Fundamentals
  5. Windows fundamentals

As you can see here, every room in the path are introductory and has a suffix of fundamentals which gives out a very beginner-friendly vibe and they are indeed! All of these rooms are filled with very clear illustrations and examples, and include some very basic CTF challenges, should you choose to accept it.

Some aspects of the course will be covered in this article to show you how fun and engaging the actual course is. If you like it don’t forget to sign up and take the course for free!

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introduction to cybersecurity challenge

As you can see from the screenshot above, the room has a step by step walkthrough how a website vulnerability is exploited, with examples that are as close to real life scenarios as possible. Furthermore, by directly interacting with the website themselves, the learner can play around with their approach.

intro to LAN

The picture above is a peek into the ‘intro to LAN’ room, which contains different animations to develop a solid grasp on different network topologies.

interact with the animation!

You can interact with the underlying network animation! How awesome is that!

Furthermore, if you want to journey deeper into the world of cybersecurity, tryhackme has just the right tutorials and CTF rooms for everyone. You just need to look for it!!

Note: Some of the rooms in the path are subscribe only, that means you can access these room for just 10$ a month and you can get unlimited access!

Disclaimer: when it is referred to hacking, the author always means ethical hacking and does not hold himself accountable for any misuse of information.

A business student at University of Dhaka. Loves coding, but often fails miserably.